Hitoha Oi

 Nara is the place that is filled with lots of allure that we can feel the breath of ancient period such as myth, history, beginning of the nation, flourishing culture, Year-around natural scenic beauty, Let’s explore together to have a glimpse of these, shall we? I’m looking forward to enjoy journey beyond space and time of the history with guests together.

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
Nara Pre. Licensed Guide Interpreter
Asuka Area Licensed Guide Interpreter
1.Nerthern area of Nara prefecture, Asuka province
 (Kashihara city, Asuka, Takatori town)
2. Part of Sakurai city, Part of Katsuragi city
Hiking, Visiting temples and Shrines, Reading, Listening to music, Learning about herbal medicine
Tour guide, Translation, Japanese culture(Japanese Food, Lucy charm)